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Many of us have heard the terms Agile and Scrum. If you have a similar background to me then you have heard them largely as a way to build software in a team environment. Established in 2011, PMI’s Agile Certified Practitioner certification looks beyond the confines of specific methodologies and past the boundaries of software projects and shows how they can benefit many types of projects while using any number of tools. I took an online course to prepare for the certification exam. While software development was the target for the majority of the course I took, there was an effort to point out that the methodology, and some specific tools and techniques, could apply to other types of projects.

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Launching Tuesday August 27th 2013.

I have been a software developer since June 2008. Before that I spent almost 5 years working my way from part-time computer support to Systems/Network Administrator & IT Team Lead of a 500 person multiple campus company. Before that I did 2 years as a phone support technician. With over 12 years of IT industry experience spread across both system administration and software development I see IT in a broader scope than most.

Now I am becoming something more. I am an Agilist. I am moving on to project management. I am pushing positive change within my team, group, and company. I am looking to provide the best solutions for delivering the most value to organizations in the shortest practical time. I believe that even as I move from implementing Agile to teaching Agile to others I will never be done learning it.

This is not my journey alone. This is our journey. As you learn from me I will also learn from you. Together we will constantly refine what it being Agile means in our organizations. One person’s right choice today could be another’s wrong choice tomorrow. We will always strive to make the best choice we can with the information we have while accepting new information to the last practical moment. Join me. Let us take Our Agile Journey together.

Adam Myhr, PMI-ACP

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