The Journey Belongs to All of Us

I am learning a lot about Agile. Most of it I learn by reading. I also learn by writing. Each post I put here forces me to reign in my thoughts so I can share them cohesively. This is one of my primary reasons for having a blog.

This blog in particular though has more reason for being. One goal I have is for this to be a community. It is called Our Agile Journey, not My Agile Journey, for a reason. There are not many places where Agilists can congregate without being tied to a particular type of Agile. I would like to see a forum someday. I would really like to have other people contribute though.

Maybe you don’t have a blog of your own. Maybe you have one, but it is tied to your company and not a good place to put certain things you would like to share. Maybe you feel you don’t have enough to start your own blog, but would still like to give back. This could be the place to do it.

This is not a place I want to commercialize. No advertorial’s or straight advertisements. Links that may generate revenue are ok, but they need to be relevant. (Such as to a book, class, or business page.) The point here is to give back to the community, not create the next Agile Alliance.

It could be a single guest post. It could be a mini-series. It could be weekly, or even daily postings. It can be attributed to you, a pseudonym, or anonymous. Every author that wants one will get an about page. From there they can link back to their site or their business.

The details are a little fuzzy but will be worked out as the need arises. The important part is that it remains a place to share about our journeys. We can then learn from each other as we teach each other.

If you are interested please contact me via the “contact me” link above, or via any of the methods available on the “about me” page.

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