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Thoughts for Estimation Training

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As I mentioned in my last post I would like to create training. For some reason I feel like Estimation is a decent place to start. I think a one hour online video training session is something I could probably produce. I would also like a longer interactive one of 2-3 hours. I think that is long enough for estimation.

It isn’t long enough for Agile though. The training will come with the assumption that the attendees understand the Agile concept of making decisions and commitments as late as responsible. This will be briefly addressed, but it will not be gone over in-depth. Concepts I hope to cover include reasons for estimation, value versus cost of estimation, when to estimate, estimation techniques, and estimation red flags. The target audience will be teams new to group estimation, new scrum masters, and project managers new to Agile methodologies. Continue reading

1 Year Retrospective

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It has been a little over a year since I launched this blog, and approximately 6 months since my last blog retrospective. I have been reflecting in the interim, but have not taken any time to specifically reflect and adjust.

In the last six months I have kicked off a new style of post called Red Flags. I also have made an effort to have some type of image, preferably relevant, for every post. I also have finished out the initial Back to the Basics post series talking about the value pairs from the Agile Manifesto. Continue reading