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Red Flag: Powerless Product Owner

Red Warning Flag On Beach

Stuart Miles –

Every attempt at transition can have issues. Some issues are fairly common regardless of who attempts the transition. No matter who tries to cross the Sahara there will be a lack of water available during the trip. These common issues are often called red flags.

Every desert crossing attempt is unique. The people and methods involved vary. Some may be making the trip over the course of week, others in just a few hours. In each of these circumstances the best way to address the lack of available water is very different.

In Agile transitions there are also red flags. Just as with crossing the desert each Agile implementation is different. As such there is not a proper way to address every issue every time. The more similar organisations are the more similar the solutions may be, but even that is not a given. Today we are looking at the Agile red flag of a Powerless Product Owner. Continue reading

Success Requires Everyone

Organisation Chart Stock Image

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Agile transformations affect the entire organization. Successful transformations require participation from everyone in the organization. The teams have to be willing to try new ways of working. Management needs to be willing to try new ways of determining success. Executives need to be willing to try new ways of measuring value. It can even be more specific with Human Resources needing to find new ways to structure compensation and legal finding new ways to structure contracts.

Failed and struggling Agile implementations often leave someone out. Sometimes it is a bottom up process struggling with blockers or legacy process. Other times it may be a top down initiative fighting teams that are against changing their process. The problems can even be external where a client will not, or cannot, accept a new contract structure to support Agile. In any case the more people on board, the greater the probability of success. Continue reading