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It’s time for a short break from our usual format. No, it’s not a retrospective post, although I have done that before. (Now that I think of it, I should do another one soon.) This break is due to personal change resulting in a lack of research and writing time the last two weeks. That change? I’ll get there in a minute. First I want to share what is sure to be a great interview with you.

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Marcus Blankenship will interview Gil Broza on Thursday, May 7, between 2-3pm PT / 5-6pm ET. (Google Hangout or Youtube available.) The interview is centered around Gil’s upcoming book The Agile Mindset. I’ll start by telling you that if you haven’t read The Human Side of Agile you need to. The first value in the Agile Manifesto is People. This book helps remind us of that. The next thing I’ll tell you is that I’ve been allowed time with a preview version of The Agile Mindset and it goes deeper into every part of the manifesto. I’ve started a similar track with my Back to the Basics series, but Gil goes to the next level with it. If you’ve plateaued with your Agile implementation this book will help you look at your work differently and get past that. I look forward to the interview and hope you check it out as well.

The other thing I want to share this week is that I’m moving. Not the website, actual me. As of July I will be in the Denver/Colorado Springs area. Whether you want to investigate Agile for your company or bring your teams to the next level I would love to discuss how I can help. Alternately, if you know anyone looking for an Agile Coach, Scrum Master, or a Project Manager in an Agile environment please let me know. My résumé and a cover letter are on the about page.

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