Still Here

I just wanted to let out a quick note to let people know I am still here. We have made the trip to Colorado and are close to settling in.

Moving Into New House Stock Photo

Ambro –

The trip went well and the move itself has been largely outsourced. We have a rental and it is ready for our stuff to arrive soon.

I am going to be living in Castle Rock for the next 2 years. I am currently open for opportunities to come in as a Scrum Master, Agile Coach, or IT/Agile Project Manager. I can help your organization make an Agile Transition on a full-time or temporary basis. Feel free to contact me and we can talk about what we’ll be able to do for each other.

That said, I haven’t been sitting around doing nothing. I am actively seeking out positions similar to what I mentioned above.

I do have a post partially written and a couple more ideas sketched down in preparation for getting back on schedule. I anticipate getting back to my regular once every two-week rhythm no later than the end of July.


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