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Why I am not posting

I thought I would share a little about why this blog has been relatively silent lately. Some of it may feel like excuses while some may look like legitimate reasons. The truth is that there probably are a little of both.

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I get my blog posts from two sources. First I read lots of other blogs and some books. Second I use experience in my job and to a lesser extent my personal life.

As I have mentioned in other easy¬†to find¬†outlets I am now employed as an IT Project Manager. This is a good thing. It helps keep the family fed and clothed. The person whose house we’re living in kind of expects some money back for the privilege. Pretty standard stuff really. It does limit my time for reading the blogs I used to keep up with. As I settle into this new position I hope to start gaining some time to keep up with relevant blogs again. As of now I am still in “fire-hose mode” and pretty exhausted by the new environment and routine by the time I get home. Basically, I don’t get much of the extra reading done I used to. I will also start getting ideas for blog posts from my work environment as time goes on. As anybody that works and writes about related topics knows this is a bit of a tension to manage. Historically I do this two ways, obfuscation and delay.

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