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The New Daily Stand Up

I’ve spoken about the Daily Stand Up before. I’ve also talked about how it didn’t work right for us. Some time in the last couple of weeks I came across a blog post that resonated with me on these meetings.

See, I’m all for Scrum. It’s a great tool. The process framework is something that will really help enable┬áchange in most organizations. That said, Individuals and Interactions over Processes and Tools. The Agilist in me can not allow Scrum to become a sacred cow. Continue reading

Trimming Meetings

The changes to our estimation process have been a huge hit. The project manager has been nothing but pleased with the new methods. She used to fear estimation meetings and no longer does. The team all has an idea what is happening now when previously they did not. The business feels they have a better handle on what we can get done in any given amount of time. It has been a good fit all around. With this initial success it was time to look at what else in our process could be improved within the limitations we have to endure.

As a by-product of a failed Scrum implementation a few years ago we work in two-week sprints and have daily status meetings. We had a lot of other meetings though. There was a planning meeting that was attended by one developer, one person from SQA, and both business analysts. (In fairness, one of them is the project manager as well.) These meetings were long and painful for everyone involved. They went through the requested work trying to define what exactly it was. They picked what would be done next. They broke it down to tasks and times after which they assigned it to a person. After these meetings would be another meeting we called a kickoff in which the whole team was invited.

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